Some famous guests...

In 1901, a young widow, Ruth Barrett Elmore, who had spent her honeymoon in Camden, purchased an 1834 Sea Captains house. The first of only seven owners, she took in a handful of summer guests for income, and then added rooms each year until she operated Whitehall, one of five hotels in Camden at the start of the 20th century.

Whitehall, sometimes called Whitehall Hotel, later became the Whitehall Inn. It was the summer home for the elite of Camden's summer visitors. Guests would arrive by train with maids or by chauffeur driven cars. Royalty, titans of industry and celebrities, both famous and infamous, made Whitehall a part of their summer schedule.

The inn has welcomed a king, a U.S. President and other political notables, many fabled screen stars and sports heroes. And the guest list includes a supermodel, a number of legendary TV anchormen and several world-renowned singer-songwriters.

And, of course, one of America’s most beloved poets, Edna St. Vincent Millay, was “discovered” at the Inn in 1912.

We have been featured in two Hollywood productions, including the original 1957 Peyton Place and more recently Stephen King’s Thinner.

Your current innkeepers, Russ & Rebecca Miller, are only the seventh proprietors in the Inn’s more than 110 years of operation.